TMSR North Ameristan Rack Prospectus: Second, Revised Draft.

Note: this the second, revised draft of the prospectus, incorporating feedback from prospective customers. The previous draft can be seen here.

I have provisioned a machine colocation rack for the exclusive use of The Most Serene Republic, as represented by the WoT L1 and L2. If you, reader, are not in this roster, you may safely [...]

TMSR North Ameristan Rack Prospectus: Initial Draft.

Edit (27 Oct 2019) : This document is supplanted by the second draft of the prospectus.

I have provisioned a machine colocation rack for the exclusive use of The Most Serene Republic, as represented by the WoT L1 and L2. If you, reader, are not in this roster, you may safely skip this article.

An Inexpensive Machine Park, of Yet-Indeterminate Quality.

Oct. 16 edit: included name of the vendor being evaluated.

Today I had occasion to lease some local rack space in my town. Currently I will not mention the vendor by name here, as I do not yet know the quality of the service, but if it proves satisfactory, will reference the vendor in an appendix [...]

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"Sometimes, at night, I dream about the boat."

Below is an entirely unofficial translation of “Иногда ночью мне снится лодка”, by Alexander Pokrovskiy — an old sailor-turned-memoirist, AFAIK entirely unknown in the English reich.

On some nights, I dream about the boat. It is underway, beneath the water.
I dream about it after I’ve had a very tiring day.
The dream is [...]

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25 Years of Loud, Expensive Space Heaters.

A half-written draft of this piece has been living on my HDD for nearly half a year. Recent discussions re: the subject of “aging and death of PC irons” prompted me to dust it off and quickly post. Regularly-scheduled programming will resume shortly…

“The [...]

Lost Technology: The PQ3QI-01 Sunlight-Readable Display.

In the last quarter of the previous year, I got hold of a virginal (sealed OEM-crate) PQ3QI-01 sunlight-viewable LCD panel (and, after several unsuccessful attempts — an old box where it fits.) These marvels are long out of print but apparently still available, somehow, from the Chinese, at around 100 $ per.
If the backlight lamp [...]

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“Finite Field Arithmetic” Regrind into Keccak-V Format.

The long-promised Keccak-V regrind of the current FFA codebase appears below:


“Chapter 1: Genesis.”

“Chapter 2: Logical and Bitwise Operations.”

“Chapter 3: Shifts.”

“Chapter 4: Interlude: FFACalc.”

“Chapter 5: “Egyptological” Multiplication and Division.”

Chapter 6: “Geological” RSA.

Chapter 7: “Turbo Egyptians.”

Chapter 8: Interlude: Randomism.

Chapter 9: “Exodus from Egypt” with Comba’s Algorithm.

Chapter 10: Introducing Karatsuba’s Multiplication.

Chapter 11: Tuning and Unified API.

These, and all [...]

The Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule Transform is Injective.

This article is a continuation of the previous, and concludes the series.

Let’s try this somewhat different variant of the program, which represents recurring bits of the expansion symbolically (and in a slightly more readable form) [...]

The Serpent Cipher's Key Schedule Equation System, in Graphical Form.

This article is a continuation of the dig into the key schedule of the Serpent cipher.

For clarity, we will omit the routines already given in the previous article.

Let’s visualize the Serpent [...]

Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule in Algebraic Form: with Reduction.

This article is a continuation of the recent mega-puzzler concerning the experiment.

This variant will reduce the equations. We will omit printing the input matrix, for brevity. And so:

;; Register bitness.
(defconstant +bitness+ 32)
(defun flatten (l)

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