FFA for DOS!

Reader David Gregory has achieved, via some clever cross-compilation magick, a working FFA port for DOS (mirror).

"Hevea" Image Generator Bug Fix.

The “imagen” utility included with Hevea, a LaTeX to HTML translator, suffers from a subtle bug in combination with certain versions of of Ghostscript and ImageMagick, where the output of the former (a bitmap image) is pumped into the latter (for trimming / resizing) via a Unix pipe. For buffer-related reasons which ultimately remain a […]

"Pest" v. 0xFB.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFC. This is the heaviest revision of the spec to date, approaching a total rewrite. Pedantic details concerning data types and their encodings were added; several algorithms have been reworked and substantially simplified; and a number of ugly gaffes — corrected. There is a pretty-printed mirror of this […]

"Pest" v. 0xFC.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFD. There are currently two published prototype implementations of Pest: “Blatta” (by thimbronion); and “smalpest” (by jonsykkel). Thank you, prototype implementers! A quite lively Pestnet is now active, and a public log thereof, operated by billymg (WOT) may be seen here. There is a working draft of v. […]

"Pest" v. 0xFD.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFE. There is a pretty-printed mirror of this page. There is now a prototype! (Thank you, thimbronion!) 14 Dec 2021: And there is now a second prototype! (Thank you, jonsykkel!) There is a working draft of v. 0xFC. (Note: it may change without warning!) The document (very much […]

"The Harper."

“The Harper.” by Vlas Mikhailovich Doroshevich (1864–1922). The Emperor Jin-La-O, may his memory be sacred to the whole braid-adorned world, was a wise and just Emperor. One day he summoned his entourage and said to them: – I would like to learn the name of the greatest villain in all of Beijing – in order […]

"The Story of One Wetnurse."

Lately, I found myself unable to resist the temptation to translate this very pertinent classic to English. If you, reader, know of a better translation, do not hesitate to write in. And so, here goes: “The Story of One Wetnurse.” by Vlas Mikhailovich Doroshevich (1864–1922). Emperor Jing-Li-O, nicknamed Hao-Tu-Li-Chi-San-He-Nun, which means Justice Itself, once woke […]

"Pest" v. 0xFE.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFF. Edit: A note for the innocent — this series of articles concerns an algorithm! It is not, at the time of writing, fully implemented anywhere! There is now a prototype! (Thank you, thimbronion!) Or even entirely complete. Edit: There is a working draft of v. 0xFD. (Note: […]

"Pest" v. 0xFF.

What follows is a long-promised detailed specification of a DDOS-proof, CPU-inexpensive, ciphered-authenticated peer-to-peer communication protocol. I would like to thank Thimbronion for implementing a large subset of this spec already despite not having seen it yet! The document (very much a work in progress!) is available as a vtree. You will need: A V-tron. If […]

Defeating Vendor Lock-Ins: "Liebert GXT4."

Certain double-conversion UPS units by Liebert (in my case — a GXT4-2000RT120) appear to contain a boobytrap whereby off-the-shelf (needs two 12v/80mm) high-efficiency/quiet fans will not operate — the boot will abort with a Fan Out of Order error. The pill: install a 100 ohm wirewound resistor in parallel with the front fan connector (on […]