"The Advantages of a Dragon."

Lately, I found myself unable to resist the temptation to translate this very pertinent classic of science fiction to English. If you, reader, know of a better translation, do not hesitate to write in. Meanwhile, here goes: “The Star Diaries of Ijon Tichy: The Advantages of a Dragon.” Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006). Until now, I’ve said […]

Regarding VPNism.

In the spam trap today, I turned up this piece of “fan mail”: Good afternoon there, I became even more concerned about our future after reading your http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1299 page. Our government continues to use surveillance technologies to collect sensitive data and then there’s a real risk that this data can be leaked. Did you know […]

Logotron Genesis.

Aug. 2020 Update #2: Additional ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons at the bottom of search result pages. Fixed era 1/2 link diddler regexps to handle all (AFAIK) known variants correctly. Aug. 2020 Update #1: Paginated search; automatic replacement of ancient logger link targets; fix for unicode barf in eat_dump.py. July 2020 Update #3: Automatically skip empty […]

"M" Performance... Pessimizations! or: SSE is a Scam.

This article is a continuation of the M series. The vpatch given below entirely re-implements the TLB (MMU) of M to use SIMD instructions from the AMD64 SSE2 set. Whereas previously TLB entries were kept in memory and searched iteratively, now we keep the Tags (3 byte each) sliced into three XMM registers, and search […]

"M" Performance Optimizations.

This article is a continuation of the M series. The vpatch given below speeds up the execution of M by approximately 30% (as measured by the Dhrystone benchmark.) It implements separate single-entry TLB caches for reads and writes; a set of fastpath exception handlers; and several other minor optimizations. You will need: A Keccak-based VTron […]

"M" Genesis.

Current Table of Contents: M is a MIPS-III system emulator, written purely in AMD64 assembly to make optimal use of commonplace iron. As discussed previously. M will run lightly-modified Linux kernels with strict logical isolation vs. the host (and vs. any other instances of itself.) That is, it in fact does exactly what e.g. QEMU […]

"Sometimes, at night, I dream about the boat."

Below is an entirely unofficial translation of “Иногда ночью мне снится лодка”, by Alexander Pokrovskiy — an old sailor-turned-memoirist, AFAIK entirely unknown in the English reich. On some nights, I dream about the boat. It is underway, beneath the water. I dream about it after I’ve had a very tiring day. The dream is always […]

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25 Years of Loud, Expensive Space Heaters.

A half-written draft of this piece has been living on my HDD for nearly half a year. Recent discussions re: the subject of “aging and death of PC irons” prompted me to dust it off and quickly post. Regularly-scheduled programming will resume shortly… “The tools, the means and the methods disappear under the overwhelming dead […]

X-Ray Large-Format Kindergarten.

Below is the output of a new test-fire of the PCB radiography system, this time using FujiFilm “Super HR-T Medium Speed” (25×20 cm) film in place of the earlier self-developing dental Eco-30. However, the time has not yet come to molest the MacIvory — first, we must characterize the film and the pertinent chemistry. This […]

X-Ray Microscopy of Symbolics "Ivory" CPUs.

I currently have three Symbolics MacIvory CPUs. (Do you, reader, have one to sell? Please leave a comment!) One is currently installed in a working machine and was not yet molested; the two remaining chips, I obtained in 2017 by bartering away a Symbolics 3620. At some point I will cut one or more of […]