The Ultimate Cross-Platform Malware

The Mac Defender trojan scare confirmed what everyone has suspected all along: that Apple’s products are vulnerable to malware after all! But we can do better than that! My new Computer Defender trojan, working on the same proven principles as Mac Defender, will eagerly attack a Mac, a PC, Commodore, Lisp Machine, UNIVAC, arithmometer, and […]

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The Simplest Lisp Machine

Looking for an inexpensive, robust Lisp system?  Consider this one: Tried it?  Not satisfied? Well, don’t blame me: it meets all of the basic qualifications for “Lispiness”: Does not hide the abstract syntax tree from programmers. Does not force a non-modifiable syntax on programmers. Does not impose an arbitrary order of sub-expression evaluation on programmers. […]

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Of Lisp Macros and Washing Machines

Vladimir Sedach explains the purpose of the Lisp macro and comments on some of the reasons for its absence from “modern” programming systems: “I used to like arguing over the Internet about this subject. There are many good technical and management/organizational arguments you can make for and against macros. What I’ve come to realize is […]