Linux. (1991 - 2018)

Linux. ( 1991 — 2018. ) No disrespect is intended for Stepan Mitrofanovich Gudimov (1913 – 1941), died heroically in aerial ramming maneuver… whose beautiful tomb I stole here. But IMHO a dead project of Linux’s stature deserves a tomb, even if only an imaginary and stolen one. Especially a stolen project…


This is a simple library for Ada, to replace the asinine GNATSockets item. Supported: Unixlike OS back-end. Open/close datagram socket on given local IP and port. Transmit datagrams of fixed length. Receive (blocking) datagrams of fixed length, rejecting shorts, saving the originator’s IP/port. Handle all possible OS error conditions. Permanently unsupported: Microshit back-ends. TCP. IPv6. […]