Music, UI, and Greedy Algorithms: the Mozart Machine?

This post is not about Loper. It concerns another idea I had recently. In order to distinguish such posts, the text will be displayed in an unpleasant color. As I often have odd ideas which I must write down, they will appear regularly. Many years ago, I read a short story by Asimov called “Button, […]

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Intro, Part II.

The moment came about two years ago, in the middle of a lecture on biologically-inspired algorithms (EC, ant-colony optimization, etc.) My attention had strayed so very briefly – and yet the material immediately ceased to make sense. It seemed obvious that continuing to follow the proof on the board was futile – the house of […]

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First ps0t, or The Illusion of Progress, or Why This Page is Inflicted Upon You.

The road to wisdom/Well, it’s plain/And simple to express: Err/And err/And err again/But less/and less/and less. — Piet Hein As a child, I obsessively devoured books on the history of science and technology. They all lied to me. The lie, of course, was a subtle and almost certainly unintentional one. These books painted a picture […]

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