The 2021 Rack.

Thank you, 2020 Rack Service subscribers! I would like to wish all of you another great year of hygienic Linux on high-quality non-Fritzed iron! The 2021 service agreement is identical to the 2020 one. With the unfortunate exception that Deedbot Wallet is closing down on Dec. 25, 2020, and hence will no longer be accepted […]

"Finite Field Arithmetic." Chapter 21A-Ter: Fix for a False Alarm in Ch.14; "Litmus" Errata.

This article is part of a series of hands-on tutorials introducing FFA, or the Finite Field Arithmetic library. FFA differs from the typical "Open Sores" abomination, in that -- rather than trusting the author blindly with their lives -- prospective users are expected to read and fully understand every single line. In exactly the same […]