The Fossil Vault.

I have recently built two new WWW mirrors containing certain publicly-available software:

1. Historic Gentoo Distfiles.

I have been using Gentoo for nearly all Linux-related work since 2007. It was “the lesser of evils”: to my knowledge, no other Linux variant ever offered a comparable level of rodenticidal control, while at the same time providing [...]

Rack Service Launch.

Note: this the third and final draft of the machine colocation rack costs sheet and service terms. Prices have not changed since the last revision. The service is now live.

Rack space, as described below, is immediately and henceforth available exclusively to my L1 and L2 WoT (presently visible here.) If you, reader, are not in [...]

A Clean Gentoo for 'Rockchip'.

This recipe will re-create the hygienic gentoo installed on the RK pilot plant
at Pizarro. The resulting install will also contain the full set of
distfiles used in the rebuilding of the ‘world’, in /usr/portage/distfiles.
No promises are made of fitness for a particular use, or of provenance,
OTHER THAN as described above.
0 ) My PGP key
1 ) A rk3328-roc-cc [...]

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