The Alert Reader.

The following is a conversation I recently had with an alert and inquisitive reader. It has been redacted for brevity; handles/names/irrelevant things have been removed. Some text has been turned into links to relevant material.
Anyone still reading this page for reasons related to its original purpose is encouraged to read this; it may help to [...]

Kalman Reti, the Last Symbolics Developer, Speaks of Lisp Machines.

Boston Lisp Meeting; June 28, 2012.
Update: Here’s a mirror of the film. The Google copy appears to have been censored.

Project JMC

The great inventor John McCarthy (1927 – 2011) now has an official posthumous website: Project JMC.
Don’t miss his fascinating (though little-known) political essays!

The curious incident of the Lisp in the night-time

Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”
Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”
- “Silver Blaze” (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
Yesterday, I heard a lecture by David M. Baggett, a [...]

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Stierlitz Example: Memory-Mapped I/O to a Character LCD

Here is a somewhat dumb example of the kind of thing one can do with Stierlitz.  Let’s say that you have some memory-mapped I/O ports in your system architecture, which you would like to test without having a working CPU design of any kind loaded into your FPGA.
The Xilinx ML501 board includes a Tianma-TM162, which [...]

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Stierlitz, the Fearless, Driver-Less Bus Analyzer.

The tool described in this post may be helpful to other ab initio machine-architecture developers.  If any exist.  The rest of Loper will remain in my private code repository, because it is not a collaborative project.
Meet Stierlitz [1], perhaps the world’s strangest bus analyzer.  For basic use, it requires no software at all on the [...]

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Laboratory Robotics with Common Lisp

To stave off the never-ending questions — variations on the theme of “Where is Loper? Why the wait?” I would like to confess the following: I live a double life!
I spend my days… working! For money!  So that I can eat.
Here is my current commercial project.
It is a laboratory robotics controller, based on the Programming [...]

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Roman Lisp

You’ve met the Steam Lisp.  Now meet vitrium flexile, the Roman Lisp:

“… there was an artificer once who made a glass goblet that would not break. So he was admitted to Caesar’s presence to offer him his invention; then, on receiving the cup back from Caesar’s hands, he dashed it down on [...]

RIP jmc.

A giant fell.
And circus pyramids of idiot midgets make cargo-cult noises.
Sniveling trendoids, have you run out of crocodile tears yet?
And his “Maxwell’s Equations of Software”?  How many have even heard of, much less understood them?
They will be remembered long after the last idiot shiny toy maker has closed up shop.
They will be remembered long after [...]

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The Simplest Lisp Machine

Looking for an inexpensive, robust Lisp system?  Consider this one:
Tried it?  Not satisfied?
Well, don’t blame me: it meets all of the basic qualifications for “Lispiness”:

Does not hide the abstract syntax tree from programmers.
Does not force a non-modifiable syntax on programmers.
Does not impose an arbitrary order of sub-expression evaluation on programmers.
Does not force a bondage-and-discipline type [...]

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