The Naming of Names

Perhaps you once took a university course in Operating Systems.  Or you think you did.
In reality, the course catalog ought to have read: “Dark Age Software Archaeology: A UNIX Case Study.”
But do we still call it archaeology if people are still building pyramids? Moreover, if architects continue to push the pyramid as the pinnacle of [...]

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Nock Nock (Part 1)

Here is a very simple Common Lisp compiler [1] of Nock,  C. Yarvin’s elegant systems language.


; *************************** define reader macros ***************************
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute)
(defmacro char-macro (ch &body body)
`(set-macro-character ,ch #’(lambda (stream char)
(declare (ignore char)) ,@body)))

; define syntax of N-expression
(char-macro #\[
(reduce [...]

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