Thank you, first 'Dulap' Subscriber!

Congratulations to the very first ‘Dulap’ subscriber of my machine rack service! … installed with a colocated customer-owned FG (this service carries no additional charge!) : Thank you for your business!

Thank you, Subscriber No. 1.

Congratulations to the first paying subscriber of my machine rack service! Thank you for your business.

The Boneyard.

Update: As of 26 Nov 2019, all of the auction items in my boneyard have been sold and sent to their purchasers. I have been asked to catalogue certain contents of my machine boneyard which are due to change hands on account of imminent liquidations of two operations in which I took part. The items […]

An Inexpensive Machine Park, of Yet-Indeterminate Quality.

Oct. 16 edit: included name of the vendor being evaluated. Today I had occasion to lease some local rack space in my town. Currently I will not mention the vendor by name here, as I do not yet know the quality of the service, but if it proves satisfactory, will reference the vendor in an […]

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25 Years of Loud, Expensive Space Heaters.

A half-written draft of this piece has been living on my HDD for nearly half a year. Recent discussions re: the subject of “aging and death of PC irons” prompted me to dust it off and quickly post. Regularly-scheduled programming will resume shortly… “The tools, the means and the methods disappear under the overwhelming dead […]

X-Ray Large-Format Kindergarten.

Below is the output of a new test-fire of the PCB radiography system, this time using FujiFilm “Super HR-T Medium Speed” (25×20 cm) film in place of the earlier self-developing dental Eco-30. However, the time has not yet come to molest the MacIvory — first, we must characterize the film and the pertinent chemistry. This […]

X-Ray Microscopy of Symbolics "Ivory" CPUs.

I currently have three Symbolics MacIvory CPUs. (Do you, reader, have one to sell? Please leave a comment!) One is currently installed in a working machine and was not yet molested; the two remaining chips, I obtained in 2017 by bartering away a Symbolics 3620. At some point I will cut one or more of […]

X-Ray Spectrography Kindergarten.

This article is a continuation of “X-Ray Microscopy Kindergarten.”. Preliminary experiment with multi-energy x-ray (colour channel combination), distinguishing materials by absorption at different wavelengths. The tube appears to exhibit some “heel effect” at the longer wavelengths. Exposure: 75 sec. @ 35kV, 21kV, 20kV (R, G, B) film: “Eco-30”.

X-Ray Stereography Kindergarten.

This article is a continuation of “X-Ray Microscopy Kindergarten.”. Here, we see a stereo pair (approx. +/- 25 deg. one-axis rotation of the object from the horizontal plane, while film is stationary) of the device from before. The vias are clearly distinguishable. Exposure: 70 sec. @ 34kV; 0.3mA + 2x beam spread; film: “Eco-30”.

X-Ray Microscopy Kindergarten.

This article is a continuation of “PCB Radiography Kindergarten, Continued.”. The radiography system is equipped with a “microfocus” tube, and its beam has a 30 degree spread cone. So we can get a look at that very same FG TRNG XC9572 CPLD seen earlier, but with 2x magnification: Click for full resolution (Warning: 7MB) This […]