John Regehr's Six Levels of Error

Readers who enjoyed “The Five Types of Technological Standard” will like “Software Bugs and Scientific Progress” by John Regehr. The best conceivable advice to the computer industry would be: “Revisit assumptions.” But of course this is just the kind of advice least likely to be taken.

Buy Rotting Bits, Or Else: The War on Libraries.

In the past, I predicted that publishers will inevitably declare war on book-lending: “Let’s pretend that a Nook book (or any similar DRM’d ebook) could be lent in exactly the same manner as a physical book: to whomever you like, whenever you like, for as long as you like – with the added benefit of […]

On the Still-Undefeated Tyranny of Apple.

I believe that Apple manufactures and sells junk and crapware. If you, my dear reader, have even a rudimentary awareness of what is possible with regards to personal computing – or even of what was possible two decades ago – the above should seem obvious to you. Hopefully the idiots who accused me of kissing […]

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