Steam Lisp

How many of your waking hours have you wasted in babysitting machine processes which ought to be entirely hidden and automatic?  In the use of “job-creating” technologies?
Next time you find yourself doing so, consider this:
“Improvements come in many ways, sometimes after much thought and after many experimental failures. Sometimes they flash upon [...]

Calculator vs. PC

The so-called “progress” of personal computing has largely been a collective hallucination.  And it appears that I am not the only one who understands this:
“A friend of mine recently gave me an old HP 35 calculator. For a geek like me, a true HP calculator is a kingly gift. I cleaned [...]

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Of Weighty Matters, or Thumbs Still Down for Clojure.

Ah, Clojure.
The nice, clean replacement for Common Lisp — as some would have you believe.
I haven’t forgotten about you.
Clojure is a nice, clean replacement for Common Lisp only if thumbs are nice, clean replacements for cars.
But wait, we’re dealing with something more than a mere lightweight hitchhiker on the JVM:
“…Clojure’s [...]

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