The Alert Reader.

The following is a conversation I recently had with an alert and inquisitive reader. It has been redacted for brevity; handles/names/irrelevant things have been removed. Some text has been turned into links to relevant material. Anyone still reading this page for reasons related to its original purpose is encouraged to read this; it may help […]

Why Skin-Deep Correctness -- Isn't, and Foundations Matter.

Among the advertised features of Apple’s latest OS update, three in particular caught my attention: “auto-save”, which claims to wipe out the abomination of volatile-by-default documents; “versioning”, which claims to introduce document version-control into the Mac’s normal operations; and “resume”, which promises to re-load a user’s work-state whenever an application is re-started. On the surface, […]

Tenser, Said the Censor [*]

Dear Readers, Not long ago, some of you submitted my writings to Hacker News.  I recommend against doing this, if you value your reputation there. The editors of Hacker News appear to have taken an active dislike to this site.  I don’t care to hazard a guess as to why.  They have begun deleting any […]

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