FFA for DOS!

Reader David Gregory has achieved, via some clever cross-compilation magick, a working FFA port for DOS (mirror).

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One Response to “FFA for DOS!”

  • hapax says:


    Thank you for linking my article!

    I'll try working on ward in my free time, since I want it to encompass at least the minimal amount of standard functions to make use of the DOS API (like, e.g., time and date or proper file management). DOS32A is also versatile enough to run 32-bit TSRs, so I'll probably write a follow-up article showing how to make one with a stock GCC.

    I've been also planning on trying to port both Peh and FFA to Plan 9 from Bell Labs (since GNU binutils seem to have a.out support). The system calls are pretty straightforward and I figured out the ABI from reverse-engineering existing Plan 9 programs, so it is theoretically possible to use my runtime with only small modifications (as long as GCC cooperates, might require some changes like for the PE/COFF format output).


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