Dicţionar Român-Englez.

This post exists to give a permanent home and linkable reference point for certain materials. Specifically, a -- to my knowledge, currently the only one found anywhere on the entire Net -- grep-able plain-text English-Romanian dictionary.

The original source was an ancient piece of MS-Windows nagware. The perpetrator of this item (I hesitate to dignify his actions with the word "author") took the -- very clearly pre-1989, public domain -- material, and embedded it in a crypted EXE "viewer" turd. Why he did this, can only be guessed at, but a certain observation by Mircea Popescu may shed some light on this particular type of psychopathology:

So : you have found somewhere something exceptional. A treasure trove. Looky, you were just walking down the road and found a chestful of wonder. What to do ? Well, confronted with such an occurence, some people proceed in the following manner : they run off to town, gather the folk and explain : "looky, I've found this chestful of wonder, so and so and back and forth, let's go pick it up, stick it in a museum, so it may be inspected, admired, discussed, preserved for future generations so they may also gain by the said wonders". Other... let's call them people by virtue of bipedalism, proceed in a different manner : they cloink a coupla with the sledgehammer so as to break down the find into shards the size they can fit in a pocket, after which they stick it on their oxcart. Nevermind that those things aren't made to go with oxcarts, nor do they help the oxcart in any way, the peon sits proudly on his pile of dung. And if anyone asks where he found the things, for they don't really go with his general appearance, he answers just as proudly : he raised them since they were but pistols. (This is an ancient joke, saying that a gypsy is picked up for stealing a rifle. Before the judge, he sees a farmer brought under charges of having stolen a cow. "Why've you stolen the cow ?" asks the judge. "I've not stolen it your Honor, I raised it myself since it were a calf". He's eventually released, and when the gypsy's turn comes, "Why've you stolen the rifle ?" asks the judge. "I've not stolen it your honor, I raised it myself since it were a pistol".)

-- "What happens when you add a drop of sewage to a bottle of fine wine ?"

And so, with a big, fat, Fuck You to the oxcart rider, all of it (decrypted, deduplicated, and minus some obvious rubbish) is out in the open, permanently:

File Description SHA256
ro_eng_ascii.txt Romanian < -> English Dictionary. b10ac91292746466433b2cdb4ff67268b556463fe144e38cd20bde4057c0d5e3
ro_eng_tech.txt Romanian < -> English "Technical" Dictionary. 82f44453fe55847d5ee0e1b80697cf8a1e6fa088bf2d823ab79bb7b2a8ce8fc3
ro_eng_expr.txt Romanian < -> English "Expressions" Dictionary. c085054bf9f51d17d8d7c6a610b496b5086647391114c07cfb28a264fcb4dee0

The first of these items (the general-purpose dictionary) is also available as a V-Genesis:



The diacritics are conspicuous in their absence.
I suspect that the sledgehammer-wielder had removed them, for whatever reason of his own.

You can also flip any of these Romanian -> English dictionaries into an English -> Romanian one, e.g.:

paste -d'`' < (cut -f2 -d'`' ro_eng_ascii.txt) <(cut -f1 -d'`' ro_eng_ascii.txt) | sort -n > eng_ro_ascii.txt

In all three files, the backtick (`) is used to separate each line into the two respective languages; parsing and searching is quite trivial.

Edit: files now mirrored here.

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One Response to “Dicţionar Român-Englez.”

  • DangerNorm says:

    I appreciate this kind of work, even if I'll never use it. I'll download it for the sake of mirroring it later.

    The diacritics thing is frustrating, tho! All that effort put into it, yet someone would have to do so much more just to make it into what it would have been if it were done right the first time. Reminds me of my collection of printed books that I've scanned into pdfs. More convenient and durable than their physical forms, and even (somewhat) searchable thanks to OCR. But there's no short-cut to tedious human labor to truly convert them into exactly "what they would have been if professionally published in this format to begin with". All the more frustrating to know that, for the more recent books, they must have already existed in that format to begin with.

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