"Hevea" Image Generator Bug Fix.

The “imagen” utility included with Hevea, a LaTeX to HTML translator, suffers from a subtle bug in combination with certain versions of of Ghostscript and ImageMagick, where the output of the former (a bitmap image) is pumped into the latter (for trimming / resizing) via a Unix pipe. For buffer-related reasons which ultimately remain a […]

DRAFT Full "Cement" Support for TRB.

A draft vpatch for full “cement” support in TRB. This vpatch These vpatches succeed the previous one. draft_asciilifeform_cement_support.kv.vpatch draft_asciilifeform_cement_support.kv.vpatch.asciilifeform.sig revised_draft_asciilifeform_cement_support.kv.vpatch revised_draft_asciilifeform_cement_support.kv.vpatch.asciilifeform.sig Note that the syntax for makecement has changed, and now requires the starting as well as ending block height: Usage: LC_ALL=”C” ./bin/bitcoind makecement 0 723000 cement_723000.txt The loading of cement must be explicitly enabled […]

A "Cement"-Maker for TRB.

A vpatch to produce “cement” for TRB : asciilifeform_makecement.kv.vpatch asciilifeform_makecement.kv.vpatch.asciilifeform.sig Usage: LC ALL=”C” ./bin/bitcoind makecement 723000 cement_723000.txt This took less than 16 seconds on my test machine, and produced: cement_723000.txt.gz (PGP Signature) i.e. : 0 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f 1 00000000839a8e6886ab5951d76f411475428afc90947ee320161bbf18eb6048 2 000000006a625f06636b8bb6ac7b960a8d03705d1ace08b1a19da3fdcc99ddbd 3 0000000082b5015589a3fdf2d4baff403e6f0be035a5d9742c1cae6295464449 4 000000004ebadb55ee9096c9a2f8880e09da59c0d68b1c228da88e48844a1485 5 000000009b7262315dbf071787ad3656097b892abffd1f95a1a022f896f533fc 6 000000003031a0e73735690c5a1ff2a4be82553b2a12b776fbd3a215dc8f778d 7 0000000071966c2b1d065fd446b1e485b2c9d9594acd2007ccbd5441cfc89444 8 00000000408c48f847aa786c2268fc3e6ec2af68e8468a34a28c61b7f1de0dc6 9 000000008d9dc510f23c2657fc4f67bea30078cc05a90eb89e84cc475c080805 10 […]

"Pest" v. 0xFB.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFC. This is the heaviest revision of the spec to date, approaching a total rewrite. Pedantic details concerning data types and their encodings were added; several algorithms have been reworked and substantially simplified; and a number of ugly gaffes — corrected. There is a pretty-printed mirror of this […]

"Pest" v. 0xFC.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFD. There are currently two published prototype implementations of Pest: “Blatta” (by thimbronion); and “smalpest” (by jonsykkel). Thank you, prototype implementers! A quite lively Pestnet is now active, and a public log thereof, operated by billymg (WOT) may be seen here. There is a working draft of v. […]

The 2022 Rack.

Thank you, 2021 Rack Service subscribers! I would like to wish all of you a third great year of hygienic Linux on high-quality non-Fritzed iron! The 2022 service agreement remains identical to that of 2020 and 2021. (Deedbot Wallet closed in December of 2020, and there is yet no plug-in replacement for it. Hence, the […]

"Pest" v. 0xFD.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFE. There is a pretty-printed mirror of this page. There is now a prototype! (Thank you, thimbronion!) 14 Dec 2021: And there is now a second prototype! (Thank you, jonsykkel!) There is a working draft of v. 0xFC. (Note: it may change without warning!) The document (very much […]

"Pest" v. 0xFE.

This is a continuation of “Pest” v. 0xFF. Edit: A note for the innocent — this series of articles concerns an algorithm! It is not, at the time of writing, fully implemented anywhere! There is now a prototype! (Thank you, thimbronion!) Or even entirely complete. Edit: There is a working draft of v. 0xFD. (Note: […]

"Pest" v. 0xFF.

What follows is a long-promised detailed specification of a DDOS-proof, CPU-inexpensive, ciphered-authenticated peer-to-peer communication protocol. I would like to thank Thimbronion for implementing a large subset of this spec already despite not having seen it yet! The document (very much a work in progress!) is available as a vtree. You will need: A V-tron. If […]

Repair of sabotaged mathematical glyphs in certain Linux distros.

Recently, I received a tip that some Linux users saw rubbish in place of certain Unicode glyphs appearing in the FFA series (in particular, in Ch. 14.) If the following two rows of symbols do not appear recognizably-identical in your WWW browser: ← → ⇠ ⇢ ⌊ ⌋ … the following fix is likely to […]