Of Decaying Urbits.

After the sale of my Urbit ‘dukedom’, several readers have written to me, asking ‘why.’ The following was my reply to one such letter, from a fellow who suggested implementing a proper hardware foundation for Nock (Urbit’s computational base.) Dear [Reader], Here was my own Nock. But notice that I made no attempt to implement […]

The Alert Reader.

The following is a conversation I recently had with an alert and inquisitive reader. It has been redacted for brevity; handles/names/irrelevant things have been removed. Some text has been turned into links to relevant material. Anyone still reading this page for reasons related to its original purpose is encouraged to read this; it may help […]

Dukedom for Sale.

Urbit “dukedom” [1] no. 24, “DYS”, belonging to yours truly, is hereby for sale! Sold! Please enjoy your purchase, Mr. Gogulski! Price: 4.5 BTC, payable to 15pWcAqagHf2EeFjapjWt4EhYWgL5fne7s. Sale ends on Dec. 31. Anyone seriously interested should contact Curtis Yarvin, the author of Urbit, to broker the sale. Alternatively: I’ve written a PGP-signed declaration of the sale. [2] […]

Moldbug's Urbit.

Mencius Moldbug’s Urbit system appears to be public!  Take the time to read his introductory materials – you will not regret it.   Any regular reader of this site will probably take some interest in Urbit. While I disagree with many of Moldbug’s fundamental design decisions, I believe that his is the first modern ab initio […]

Nock Nock (Part 2)

All of my Nock/Urbit explorations will now live here.

Nock Nock (Part 1)

Here is a very simple Common Lisp compiler [1] of Nock,  C. Yarvin’s elegant systems language. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; *************************** define reader macros *************************** (eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute) (defmacro char-macro (ch &body body) `(set-macro-character ,ch #'(lambda (stream char) (declare (ignore char)) ,@body))) ; define syntax of N-expression (char-macro #\[ (reduce #'(lambda (&rest exp) (if (functionp (car exp)) […]