Thank you, first 'Dulap' Subscriber!

Congratulations to the very first ‘Dulap’ subscriber of my machine rack service! … installed with a colocated customer-owned FG (this service carries no additional charge!) : Thank you for your business!

Thank you, Subscriber No. 1.

Congratulations to the first paying subscriber of my machine rack service! Thank you for your business.

Rack Service Launch.

Note: this the third and final draft of the machine colocation rack costs sheet and service terms. Prices have not changed since the last revision. The service is now live. Rack space, as described below, is immediately and henceforth available exclusively to my L1 and L2 WoT (presently visible here.) If you, reader, are not […]

The Boneyard.

Update: As of 26 Nov 2019, all of the auction items in my boneyard have been sold and sent to their purchasers. I have been asked to catalogue certain contents of my machine boneyard which are due to change hands on account of imminent liquidations of two operations in which I took part. The items […]