Going Nowhere Really Fast, or How Computers Only Come in Two Speeds.

Is there a ballpoint pen in your pocket?  How fast is it? What do you mean, you don’t know? You didn’t ask the salesman? There is indeed a maximum speed at which the little ball in the pen can roll and still leave a satisfactory trace of ink upon the page.  Would you pay extra […]

Parentheses-Phobia Illustrated.

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On the Insanity of Computer (in)-Security.

Forget for a moment about the security of your computer.  Instead ask yourself: how secure is your body? Don’t ask a computer security “professional.”  Instead, ask an anatomist.  Or better yet, a trauma surgeon.  Or a prison medic.  A weapon no deadlier than a pencil, driven through soft flesh into your abdominal cavity, brings a […]

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