Open Problem: Delousing the Asus C101PA.

Apr. 26 update: This article is obsolete, the pill — was found; if you have this machine, scroll to the end. The Asus C101PA Chromebook is a very interesting device: it contains a Rockchip CPU, for which we already have a working deloused Gentoo; it also contains such marvels as a non-blobulous Marvell 802.11 card, […]

A Clean Gentoo for 'Rockchip'.

This recipe will re-create the hygienic gentoo installed on the RK pilot plant at Pizarro. The resulting install will also contain the full set of distfiles used in the rebuilding of the ‘world’, in /usr/portage/distfiles. No promises are made of fitness for a particular use, or of provenance, OTHER THAN as described above. ——— Materials […]

The Return of Phuctor!

I have the pleasure of informing my readers that… Phuctor is back! It — exactly as it was, but with a few minor fix-ups for browsing speed — now lives on a very spiffy 32-core Opteron at Pizarro, the ISP. The WWW UI is already up; the factoring proper will resume later tonight.