“Lisp, Lisp, Lisp Machine, Lisp Machine is Fun!”

Complexity is the problem. Count the parts!

Charles Moore, the venerable inventor of FORTH, has this to say regarding the likely-dim future of technology: Complexity is the problem. Moving it from hardware to software, or vice versa, doesn’t help. Simplicity is the only answer. There was a product many years ago called the Canon Cat. It was a simple, dedicated word processor; done […]

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Shards of Lost Technology, and the Need for High-Level Architectures.

The modern high-level-language programmer thinks (if he is of the thinking kind) of low-level system architecture as a stubborn enemy, or, at best, a harsh and indifferent force of nature. Anyone who suggests that everyday desktop apps ought to be written directly in a CPU’s native instruction set is viewed as much the same kind […]