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Better screen shots from other people: Ralf Moeller Rainer Joswig

Why was the Segway patent granted?

Behold: “The rolling element is a sphere a foot or so across, the upper part of which fits into a cage equipped with motors and drive-wheels.  The rider sits on a saddle projecting up from this framework.  Should he begin to topple, accelerometers detect the movement instantly, and the onboard microprocessor commands the motors to […]

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Procrustes¹ Called and Wants His Bed Back, or How Golden Geese Make the Best Foie Gras.

When Google buys ITA, their first order of business will be: its de-Lisping. As described here, for example.  The temptation is simply irresistible. And yet the famous travel search engine will continue to work! However, its feature set will be permanently ossified. The latter will ensure a slow death-by-irrelevancy, even if the (likely inevitable) creeping […]

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