On Mistrusting “The Right People (TM).”

“Throughout my life I have known people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths. You know the ones: grew up in a strong community, went to good public or private schools, were able to attend a top undergraduate school like Harvard or Caltech, and then were admitted to the best graduate schools. Their […]

“Every OS Sucks”

This light-hearted song/video mostly summarizes my opinions on existing systems. The lyrics, for those (like myself) with only sporadic access to the Flash player.

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How Much Computation Does the Universe Perform?

From Richard Feynman’s The Character of Physical Law: “It always bothers me that, according to the laws as we understand them today, it takes a computing machine an infinite number of logical operations to figure out what goes on in no matter how tiny a region of space, and no matter how tiny a region […]

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Orthogonal Persistence Is Not Hard. Let’s Not Go Shopping.

It appears that orthogonal persistence, or the elimination of the need for users and programmers to explicitly juggle data between RAM and disk for it to survive plug-pulling, is easy. We are all running operating systems written with the limitations of 1960s hardware in mind. Not even talking about the future – even the present […]

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