You are Bad at Entropy.

Presenting a very old game, entitled: Man vs. Machine. Or, why Man is not a Particularly Good Source of Entropy.

Phuctor: Fun with Public-key Cryptography.

All of my readers are invited to test the security of their GPG public keys using a new and very simple online tool: “Phuctor” (part of a long-term collaborative project with Mircea Popescu.) Phuctor is based on cutting-edge Ancient Greek technology. Engine now re-written, using GMP. Roughly 100-fold speed boost! The service is now essentially […]

A Country of Which Nothing is Known but the Name.

If you came here via a search engine, you were probably looking for Pierre Cartier’s wonderful mini-biography of the mathematician Alexander Grothendieck – from which I shamelessly stole the title. Please go straight there. Otherwise… “And so no one, except for two people, enters the top floor of the Aedificium. …” The abbot smiled. “No […]