Logotron Genesis.

Aug. 16 Update: Trinque’s method for line wraps.
Aug. 16 Update: Phf’s uniturd algo, and several cosmetic improvements to WWW displayer.
Aug. 12 Update: Diana Coman contributed a log eater.
Aug. 11 Update: Date Arrow fix.
Aug. 11 Update: Raw Line Export; fix for WWW Debug knob so actually switches off when disabled.
Aug. 10 Update: Multi-Line Selection and fix for date arrow.

Below is given the V-Genesis of the elementary logotron kit (including both www and IRC components) as discussed previously and presently in operation.

You will need:

Add the above vpatch and seal to your V-set, and press to logotron_genesis.kv.vpatch multsel_and_datefix.kv.vpatch raw_line_export.kv.vpatch rle_errata.kv.vpatch irssi2tmsr.kv.vpatch uniturds_etc.vpatch line_wraps.vpatch.

Configure and operate as described in README.txt.

FTR, I would still like to see Phf publish his technologically-superior logotron when he comes out of his illness. Mine is a rather crude wartime production.

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2 Responses to “Logotron Genesis.”

  • spyked says:

    Dear Stan,

    As I understand from reading the genesis, the logotron backend (the IRC bot) is single-threaded and only responds to IRC PING messages with PONG, it does not actively send PINGs — unlike Trinque’s Ircbot, which runs a dedicated “pinger” thread for this purpose.

    On one hand I find this to be a great approach due to its simplicity — and I suspect the lack of proper reconnect in Ircbot *might* be a concurrency issue, i.e. the bot sending/receiving PING/PONG concurrently with other messages (or are the socket/CL stream ops atomic?).

    On the other hand, I’ve run this “passive” (only waiting for PING) single-threaded type irctron in the past, only to find out Fleanode itself does not send PINGs at regular intervals, and might end up disconnecting the bot because of this. So I’m very curious to see how the new logotron backend holds up; and if so, I could end up rewriting it in CL at some point.

    • Stanislav says:

      Dear spyked,

      Indeed it is single-threaded, and so there is no possibility of a concurrent send.

      Thus far it is difficult to say whether this method is The Right Thing, the bot has been live for less than a week. Presently all of the disconnects have been from planned knob-turns, I killed the process by hand each time.

      Feel free to rewrite in CL or whatever else, and experiment with the result (e.g. try it on a box where you yank out the LAN cable, for simple test of reconnects.) The algo is just about as simple as it could be.


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