Engelbart’s Violin

Computing pioneer Alan Kay tells us that a computer is “an instrument whose music is ideas.” This seems like a beautiful metaphor, until you realize that we have somehow ended up in a world where the profession of musician is nearly unknown.  To continue with this analogy, let’s imagine that you were a [...]

How to Run HyperCard Under Emulation

If you want to try HyperCard yourself, you can download an archive containing a hard disk image with Mac OS 8 and HyperCard installed, plus the ROM image file needed for most emulators, here.
The only Classic Mac emulator I know to work is Basilisk II.  If you run MS Windows, you can get [...]

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Why Hypercard Had to Die

Update: Click here if you would like to try HyperCard yourself.
I was a Hypercard child – though our friendship was brief.
Our seventh-grade class was led into a room full of brand-new Macintosh Performas.  The day’s lesson was a crash course in the use of an uncomplicated yet marvelous program. With it, one [...]

RIP jmc.

A giant fell.
And circus pyramids of idiot midgets make cargo-cult noises.
Sniveling trendoids, have you run out of crocodile tears yet?
And his “Maxwell’s Equations of Software”?  How many have even heard of, much less understood them?
They will be remembered long after the last idiot shiny toy maker has closed up shop.
They will be remembered long after [...]

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John Regehr’s Six Levels of Error

Readers who enjoyed “The Five Types of Technological Standard” will like “Software Bugs and Scientific Progress” by John Regehr.
The best conceivable advice to the computer industry would be:
“Revisit assumptions.”
But of course this is just the kind of advice least likely to be taken.

The Wisdom of Erik Naggum

Erik Naggum died slightly more than a year ago.
I have never met the man in the flesh, and yet he is the one person who had most often and most radically re-shaped my opinions at their core, solely through the printed word – not only on the subject of computer programing, but [...]

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Nock Nock (Part 2)

All of my Nock/Urbit explorations will now live here.

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Nock Nock (Part 1)

Here is a very simple Common Lisp compiler [1] of Nock,  C. Yarvin’s elegant systems language.


; *************************** define reader macros ***************************
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :execute)
(defmacro char-macro (ch &body body)
`(set-macro-character ,ch #’(lambda (stream char)
(declare (ignore char)) ,@body)))

; define syntax of N-expression
(char-macro #\[
(reduce [...]

“Lisp, Lisp, Lisp Machine, Lisp Machine is Fun!”

Shards of Lost Technology, and the Need for High-Level Architectures.

The modern high-level-language programmer thinks (if he is of the thinking kind) of low-level system architecture as a stubborn enemy, or, at best, a harsh and indifferent force of nature. Anyone who suggests that everyday desktop apps ought to be written directly in a CPU’s native instruction set is viewed as much the same [...]