Laboratory Robotics with Common Lisp

To stave off the never-ending questions — variations on the theme of “Where is Loper? Why the wait?” I would like to confess the following: I live a double life!
I spend my days… working! For money!  So that I can eat.
Here is my current commercial project.
It is a laboratory robotics controller, based on the Programming [...]

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Roman Lisp

You’ve met the Steam Lisp.  Now meet vitrium flexile, the Roman Lisp:

“… there was an artificer once who made a glass goblet that would not break. So he was admitted to Caesar’s presence to offer him his invention; then, on receiving the cup back from Caesar’s hands, he dashed it down on [...]

RIP jmc.

A giant fell.
And circus pyramids of idiot midgets make cargo-cult noises.
Sniveling trendoids, have you run out of crocodile tears yet?
And his “Maxwell’s Equations of Software”?  How many have even heard of, much less understood them?
They will be remembered long after the last idiot shiny toy maker has closed up shop.
They will be remembered long after [...]

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The Simplest Lisp Machine

Looking for an inexpensive, robust Lisp system?  Consider this one:
Tried it?  Not satisfied?
Well, don’t blame me: it meets all of the basic qualifications for “Lispiness”:

Does not hide the abstract syntax tree from programmers.
Does not force a non-modifiable syntax on programmers.
Does not impose an arbitrary order of sub-expression evaluation on programmers.
Does not force a bondage-and-discipline type [...]

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Of Lisp Macros and Washing Machines

Vladimir Sedach explains the purpose of the Lisp macro and comments on some of the reasons for its absence from “modern” programming systems:
“I used to like arguing over the Internet about this subject. There are many good technical and management/organizational arguments you can make for and against macros. What I’ve come to [...]

Steam Lisp

How many of your waking hours have you wasted in babysitting machine processes which ought to be entirely hidden and automatic?  In the use of “job-creating” technologies?
Next time you find yourself doing so, consider this:
“Improvements come in many ways, sometimes after much thought and after many experimental failures. Sometimes they flash upon [...]

Of Weighty Matters, or Thumbs Still Down for Clojure.

Ah, Clojure.
The nice, clean replacement for Common Lisp — as some would have you believe.
I haven’t forgotten about you.
Clojure is a nice, clean replacement for Common Lisp only if thumbs are nice, clean replacements for cars.
But wait, we’re dealing with something more than a mere lightweight hitchhiker on the JVM:
“…Clojure’s [...]

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Tim Daly on Symbolics Lisp Machines

Tim Daly on Symbolics and the elimination of the Compile-Pray-Debug Cycle:

“The Symbolics machine (its kittens all the way down…) gave me the insight that one of the most important parts of programming is the time it takes to “close the loop”. Start from the point of failure, find the failure in source code, fix the [...]

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Pearls Before Swine

Tim Daly of Axiom artfully debunks Steve Yegge’s infamous “Lisp is Not an Acceptable Lisp”:

“I am currently working in Java to re-implement an algorithm I prototyped in lisp. If I replace all of the required curly-braces and semicolons in Java with parens it turns out that the Java program has more parens than the lisp [...]

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Symbolics Open Genera

Better screen shots from other people:
Ralf Moeller
Rainer Joswig

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