“Finite Field Arithmetic” Regrind into Keccak-V Format.

The long-promised Keccak-V regrind of the current FFA codebase appears below:


“Chapter 1: Genesis.”

“Chapter 2: Logical and Bitwise Operations.”

“Chapter 3: Shifts.”

“Chapter 4: Interlude: FFACalc.”

“Chapter 5: “Egyptological” Multiplication and Division.”

Chapter 6: “Geological” RSA.

Chapter 7: “Turbo Egyptians.”

Chapter 8: Interlude: Randomism.

Chapter 9: “Exodus from Egypt” with Comba’s Algorithm.

Chapter 10: Introducing Karatsuba’s Multiplication.

Chapter 11: Tuning and Unified API.

These, and all [...]

“Finite Field Arithmetic” Projected Release Timeline.

Several of my readers recently let me know (privately and in the Forum) that they are ready to pioneer the battlefield use of FFA. However they all have one question, “When the hell will be the beta release? And just how much spade work remains, and where?”

And so I have written this projection, [...]

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Hypertext Concordance for “Finite Field Arithmetic.”

In addition to phf’s excellent vpatch viewer, there will now be a page, generated via gnathtml, to help the interested reader to explore the moving parts of FFA.

Click here to view Ch.11, with ffa_calc.adb as the root node.

All subsequent chapters will also be offered in this reader-friendly format, in addition to the usual raw vpatch [...]

The Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule Transform is Injective.

This article is a continuation of the previous, and concludes the series.

Let’s try this somewhat different variant of the program, which represents recurring bits of the expansion symbolically (and in a slightly more readable form) [...]

The Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule Equation System, in Graphical Form.

This article is a continuation of the dig into the key schedule of the Serpent cipher.

For clarity, we will omit the routines already given in the previous article.

Let’s visualize the Serpent [...]

Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule in Algebraic Form: with Reduction.

This article is a continuation of the recent mega-puzzler concerning the experiment.

This variant will reduce the equations. We will omit printing the input matrix, for brevity. And so:

;; Register bitness.
(defconstant +bitness+ 32)
(defun flatten (l)

Terms -8…8 of the Serpent Cipher’s Key Schedule in Algebraic Form.

This article is a byproduct of the recent mega-puzzler concerning the Serpent cipher’s key expansion procedure.


;; Register bitness.
(defconstant +bitness+ 32)
(defun make-reg (reg-name bitness)
"Make algebraic representation of a register (bits in descending majority)"
(loop for i from [...]

Serpent in ICE40, Part 2.

This article is a continuation of “Can the Serpent Cipher fit in the ICE40 FPGA?”.

Below is a revision of the forward S-box of Serpent from the previous article, with all of the S-Box equations rewritten in the same form, [...]

Can the Serpent Cipher fit in the ICE40 FPGA?

The question of whether the Serpent cipher could fit in a ICE40 FPGA was posed recently, and my first thought was: why not bake what appears to be the heaviest moving part, and see how many gates it requires? Then it will be possible to estimate whether the entire thing [...]

Linux. (1991 – 2018)

Linux. ( 1991 — 2018. )

No disrespect is intended for Stepan Mitrofanovich Gudimov (1913 – 1941), died heroically in aerial ramming maneuver… whose beautiful tomb I stole here. But IMHO a dead project of Linux’s stature deserves a tomb, even if only an imaginary and stolen one. Especially a stolen project…

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