No Formats, no Format Wars.

Computer users are forever being misled, successfully lied to, sold “old wine in new bottles,” bamboozled in a myriad ways large and small.  Why?  Simply because we are, to use the technical term, suckers.  Not always as individuals, but certainly collectively.  The defining attribute of the sucker is, of course, an inability to learn from […]

You have made your bedrock, now lie in it.

As a child, I was quite fond of old-fashioned Lego bricks.  One very endearing but rarely discussed property of such bricks is their durability, bordering on the indestructible.  Almost any abuse inflicted on a Lego structure will, at worst, leave you with a pile of bricks entirely like the one you started with.  Even the most […]

The Temptation

The temptation to implement a modernized Lisp architecture in a high-end FPGA never ceases to tug at me. It has recently re-asserted itself after my discovery that one can buy reasonably priced and fully assembled boards containing the latter, complete with SDRAM, DVI, SATA, etc. sockets. Verilog guides have silently crept into my browser tabs […]

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