Tungsten Will Melt in Your Mouth!

But, of course - it won't.

But let's imagine that it were in someone's financial - hell, geopolitical! interest - to convince the public that it will. The New York Times editorial might go like this: 'you may have heard of tungsten, a metal, just like gallium; the latter, a favourite among stage magicians for melting at body temperature...'

Now, it is possible that accounts of luscious, easily-melted tungsten have yet to be printed in your friendly local fishwrapper merely on account of there being no one who wishes to pay for communicating this 'fact' to us. But I can't help but suppose that there are other forces at work here.

Consider, for instance, the equally-factual statements 'Bitcoin can be counterfeited at will and has no use value' - or 'being pwned is an inevitable fact of life', or...

Somewhere between 'tungsten melts in your mouth' and the above 'facts,' there lies a kind of boundary. A line which professional liars cross at their peril. If there is an accepted, traditional term for this, I should like to learn it.

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6 Responses to “Tungsten Will Melt in Your Mouth!”

  • peppermint says:

    You're clearly an intelligent man with the rare capacity for independent thought and it's a shame that your blog isn't more widely read.

    The standard thing to say about this question is cui bono, because each lie must have a Jew, but that is not enough. Of democracy, says Carlyle, a meaning it must have or it would not be here. The lies that spread are the ones that people want to believe and each person who believes a lie has his own particular reason.

    So I don't think there's a general theory to be found here. With respect to scientific statements that are false and easily demonstrated, like Jews not being a race, or being actually Khazars instead of exactly what they claim to be (how hard is it to notice facial features? it's literally what our brains were designed for!), it takes a powerful motive to keep people from Noticing Things, because proving things is rewarded in social status which is rewarded by women.

    Is it possible to lie about chemistry and thermodynamics to people? Depleted uranium is a nuclear weapon or poisonous, say our leftist friends. Well, it's still not 'tungsten will melt in your mouth'. Enough kids can be convinced to chain themselves to train tracks to prevent nuclear power plants from operating, because power is sexy.

    But you still need to consider the individual motivations of each individual (over the age of 30) who believes a lie.

  • another says:

    eh. bitcoin is worthless, but that's more due the fact that it inflates ridiculously... and it's still fucking worthless to anybody who hasn't got a fancy ASIC miner considering it's ineffective to mine bitcoins with GPUs and CPUs anymore.

    • Stanislav says:

      Dear another,

      I will happily take whatever supply of 'worthless' bitcoin you might have been burdened with, off your hands, for a penny.



      • another says:

        I don't have any. My main point is that a. it inflates easily and b. eventually gets to the point where it's easier to exchange less govt. indepenant currencies for it than mine it which kind of defeats the point of it IMO.

        • Stanislav says:

          Dear another,

          'b' happened some time in 2012, if not earlier.

          Quite possibly most of the folks mining today are doing it despite the fact that buying the coin is - theoretically - cheaper. It is not hard to think of several good reasons why one might do this.

          Re: inflate: I assume you are aware of the exponential reward decay curve ?
          Nobody claimed 'inflation-free', only a strictly-defined and asymptotically-disappearing rate of inflation.


          • another says:

            Yeah, I know there are good reasons for mining; my point is that if you don't have the equipment it's very hard to do it.

            Eh. Inflation is related to money supply and speculation. Speculative inflation can go down, but money supply inflation lasts pretty much forever. Why? because the more money you print, the more you devalue the currency and the more money you need to print to buy goods. What do you do then? Reevaluate the currency relative to the old one, or replace it with a new one entirely. Neither of those solutions work with bitcoin but it's a relatively justifiable tradeoff...

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