The Phuctored and the Phucked

(8/16 Update: 113 moduli.)

Phuctor has been under lightweight but rather reliable DDOS in recent times, so here is a mirror of the list of 106 moduli broken up through the time of this writing.

Certain professional idiots have been bashing their heads against the wall in a futile effort to magic away the past.  To them, my message is:

  1. It won't work.
  2. Go to hell.
  3. The data set is in permanent public record.  Go ahead, keep censoring SKS mirrors.  We still have the originals.
  4. We will discover who planted the diddled keys, when, and why.

If your name appears on the list (or the current version thereof), please write to Mircea Popescu or to me! (Please keep in mind that letters not bearing a PGP signature - the basic minimal standard for personhood on the Net - are likely to be ignored - or, alternatively, subjected to public display and ridicule for our amusement.)

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