Symbolics Open Genera

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Better screen shots from other people:

Ralf Moeller

Rainer Joswig

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7 Responses to “Symbolics Open Genera”

  • Dénes Cselovszky says:


    Is the machine on the first picture an Alpha workstation? I looked into buying one a few years ago for OpenGenera, but the only one I found was an old 100MHz machine with Windows NT BIOS. Could you give the specs of this machine?

    • Stanislav says:

      The machine pictured above is a DEC Alpha 600AU ( – CPU at 600MHz, 1GB of RAM and 180GB of storage (split between three disks.)

      My place of business recently purchased a copy of Open Genera from David Schmidt of Symbolics Inc. ( and he included this machine as a no-cost extra.

      One can still buy more recent, substantially faster Alphas. They are quite expensive.

      Regarding your machine: I recall that you can switch the NT BIOS to one appropriate for Tru64 with a toggle inside the BIOS setup (Google for the manual), but running Open Genera at 100MHz is unlikely to satisfy.

  • Dénes Cselovszky says:


    Is this a DEC workstation? Could you write a little about the specs of the machine, and how well does Genera run on it?

  • B Groves says:

    There is a reasonably functional beta version of Genera around for PCs running LINUX. I use it and have had minimal problems with it. It is quite fast too.

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