"The Internet of the Future"

This picture was posted in a number of places several years ago, but has largely vanished into undeserved obscurity.  With some effort, I unearthed it and now re-post it here.  (If anyone knows its permanent home, please let me know.)

If reports on the latest volley fired in the Net Neutrality Wars are filed under "meaningless political bickering, can safely ignore" in your head, perhaps this will help you put things in perspective:

"The Internet of the Future" (click for full size)

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9 Responses to “"The Internet of the Future"”

  • jsled says:

    http://i.imgur.com/OahMw.png is an extended, imho better version.

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  • Sure, if every internet service provider cartels together, and no one on earth notices the multi-million dollar ISP market could then be captured by a single honest merchant.

    • Stanislav says:

      Dear Warren Wilkinson,

      At present, the Internet scarcely exists except as a collection of interconnected regional telephone and cable monopolies. The "single honest merchant" would need to find ways to route arbitrary packets around the globe without ever passing through backbones controlled by AT&T, Verizon, and their overseas equivalents.

      Many users - perhaps most - will not object or even notice as nearly all user-generated content is corralled into walled gardens such as Facebook, the comment pages of mainstream newspapers' sites, and the like.

      And yet it makes no difference whether anyone notices, since telecommunications is not a free market in any meaningful sense. Laying wires requires government concessions for right-of-way, and there are no "mom and pop" satellites or transoceanic cables. I question whether it could be a free market even in principle.


      • another says:

        this is why meshnet tech is important, and why I wish small, portable, long range methods of using meshnets were possible.

  • Marius says:

    Dear Stanislav,

    What do you think of the Google+Verizon document? I respect your opinion and I don't understand the issue nearly well enough to trust my own judgement very much.


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