Vaporware Warning

I feel obligated to remind my readers that the Loper repository does not yet contain a working operating system. (Unless you count a boot loader which performs basic x86-64 hardware initializations and prints "Hello World" as one.)

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2 Responses to “Vaporware Warning”

  • Francis says:

    Have you just not had time to hack away at it? Or is it motivation? I only ask because of the Unhappy Category. What you're doing here is hard on the mind, you're not always going to be inspired enough I don't think. Maybe it's time to build the Loper OS community and dev team and get some help. Groups help motivate their members.

  • Kapil Kaisare says:


    Off-topic, but do you have any links to the ACM resources you mentioned that do not require a membership? I'd like to follow the project closely, but I cannot afford the ACM subscription fees.

    And I would like to have a closer look at the ideas from which your project originates.

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