The 2021 Rack.

Thank you, 2020 Rack Service subscribers! I would like to wish all of you another great year of hygienic Linux on high-quality non-Fritzed iron!

The 2021 service agreement is identical to the 2020 one. With the unfortunate exception that Deedbot Wallet is closing down on Dec. 25, 2020, and hence will no longer be accepted as payment starting at Dec. 23, 2020. On that day and henceforth, all subscribers will need to use traditional Bitcoin.

Any and all communication concerning the details of a payment, is to take place strictly via PGP. And please remember to clearsign each message prior to encrypting; and to verify the signature on any reply of mine after decryption.

Additionally, the upstream monthly cost has increased by 20 $, and this increase is reflected in the 2021 Price Calculator.

Since the start of the service in November 2019, there were exactly four days during which outages exceeding five minutes in length were reported. All four were attributable to malfunctions in upstream equipment.

All affected subscribers have been compensated, per the agreed-upon scheme (one day of pro-rated service per each such day; under the condition that a subscriber must publicly report the outage.) This is reflected in the table below.

Expiration dates of all current paid subscriptions are listed below (in strictly chronological order, and without identifying the subscriber) :

Subscriber Iron Effective Through
A Dulap-128-4TB 22 Dec 2020
B RK-256 10 Feb 2021
C Dulap-128-4TB 13 Feb 2021
D Colo (1U; 100W; 1 IP) 03 Apr 2021
E APU3-2TB 16 Aug 2021
F RK-128 21 Nov 2021

If you are a subscriber, you should be able to easily find yourself in this list.

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