Symbolics "MacIvory": PCB Photographs.

This post concerns the "MacIvory" Model 3 Lisp Machine. It is of interest strictly to bolixologists.

Click on a photo to see detailed version.

Machine chassis:

bolix open small

The Ivory NuBus Board Set (i.e. the LispM itself, the Mac Quadra is otherwise ordinary):

ivory board small

"Ivory" NuBus board, component-side:

bolix ivory component-side

What's under the labels?

Bolix Label Part Notes
115999-B PLUS20L8 PAL, 14 inputs, 8 outputs, no registers
116000-B PAL22V10-10P PAL, 12 inputs, 10 macrocells, can have registers
116001-B PAL22V10-10P PAL, 12 inputs, 10 macrocells, can have registers
116004-A GAL16V8 GAL, can have registers
116007-A PAL16R8-7PC PAL, 8 inputs, 8 registers
116011-A GAL16V8 GAL, can have registers
S/N 30328 CY7C261-55PC 8K x 8 PROM, probably unit serial number
SHF-ARR4.1/116025 Actel A1010A-1 Antifuse-programmed CPLD, 1200 gates (equiv. of 12 period PALs)

What are the vertical DIP ICs???


qs74fct373z Bus Interface 8-Bit Latch


8-Bit Bus Interface Register Transceiver


Multilevel Pipeline Register (equiv. of Am29520)


d424400v-70 1M-Word by 4-bit FPM DRAM

"Ivory" NuBus board, bottom-side:

bolix ivory bottom side

"Ivory" RAM daughterboard, component-side:

bolix memboard component side

What are the vertical DIP ICs???


d424400v-80 1M-Word by 4-bit FPM DRAM

"Ivory" RAM daughterboard, bottom-side:

bolix memboard bottom side

Original 2400dpi scans of the boards (pre-photostitching) are available here:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (WARNING: 200-300MB each!)

~To Be Continued~

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2 Responses to “Symbolics "MacIvory": PCB Photographs.”

  • alex says:

    The best pictures of these boards on the net to date. Eagerly awaiting the ivory die shots.

    • Stanislav says:

      Dear Alex,

      The die shot is unfortunately a destructive process. However, last year I obtained two Ivory CPUs (boardless, but of same type as sitting in this MacIvory) for this purpose.

      Unfortunately the die shot still awaits the finding of a competent electron microscopist interested in doing the work "pro bono" -- as currently I cannot spare the $20-30K U.S. required to get the thing imaged at ordinary commercial shops.


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