The 2022 Rack.

Thank you, 2021 Rack Service subscribers! I would like to wish all of you a third great year of hygienic Linux on high-quality non-Fritzed iron!

The 2022 service agreement remains identical to that of 2020 and 2021. (Deedbot Wallet closed in December of 2020, and there is yet no plug-in replacement for it. Hence, the only accepted means of payment remains, until further notice, traditional Bitcoin.)

As before, any and all communication concerning the details of a subscription payment is requested to take place strictly via PGP. And please remember to clearsign each message prior to encrypting; and to verify the signature on any reply of mine after decryption.

Additionally, I regret to inform subscribers that the upstream service cost has increased (thank the Reich's printing presses!) by 90 $; the cost of supplying an IP address has increased by 1.35 $; these increases are reflected in the 2022 Price Calculator.

The new rates take effect on 1 January 2022. Subscribers may however lock in the 2021 rate (for up to a year following their current expiration date) by renewing their subscriptions prior to 1 January 2022.

Since the previous report, there were exactly zero reported outages!

Expiration dates of all current paid subscriptions are listed below (in strictly chronological order, and without identifying the subscriber) :

Subscriber Iron Effective Through
A Dulap-128-4TB 23 Dec 2021
B RK-256 11 Feb 2022
C Dulap-128-4TB 14 Feb 2022
D Colo (1U; 100W; 1 IP) 03 Apr 2022
E APU3-2TB 16 Aug 2022
F RK-128 21 Nov 2022
G RK-256 Pro bono indefinite

If you are a subscriber, you should be able to easily find yourself in this list.

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