"Finite Field Arithmetic." Chapter 20B: Support for Selected Ancient Hash Algos in "Litmus."

This article is part of a series of hands-on tutorials introducing FFA, or the Finite Field Arithmetic library. FFA differs from the typical "Open Sores" abomination, in that -- rather than trusting the author blindly with their lives -- prospective users are expected to read and fully understand every single line. In exactly the same manner that you would understand and pack your own parachute. The reader will assemble and test a working FFA with his own hands, and at the same time grasp the purpose of each moving part therein.

You will need:

Add the above vpatches and seals to your V-set, and press to ffa_ch20b_litmus_legacy_hashes.kv.vpatch.

As of Chapter 20B, the versions of Peh and FFA are 250 and 253, respectively. FFA and Peh themselves have not changed from Chapter 19.

Compile Peh:

cd ffacalc

... and install it to a path visible in your shell (e.g. /usr/bin.)

In the course of experimenting with the subject of the previous Chapter, I found that a number of current and past Vtronicists had misconfigured their GPG, and emit suboptimal signatures (i.e. not SHA-512, the strongest of the ancient hashes supported by that utility). And so I added support for these. (Litmus will emit a warning if such a signature is encountered.)

The following routine has been added to Litmus:


# If Sig was made with an unsupported hash algo:
eggog_unsupported_hash() {
    echo "This sig uses an unsupported Digest Algo: $1 !" >&2
    exit $RET_EGGOG
# Warnings:
achtung() {
    echo "WARNING: $1" >&2
# Digest Algo (only certain hash algos are supported)
get_sig_bytes 1
# If hash algo is supported, get ASN turd and MD_LEN; and if not, eggog:
case $sig_digest_algo in
    1)  ## MD5 -- NOT SUPPORTED ##
        eggog_unsupported_hash "MD5"
    2)  ## SHA1 ##
        achtung "This sig was made with SHA-1, which is cheaply breakable!"
        achtung "Please contact the signer ($pubkey_owner) !"
        HASHER="shasum -a 1 -b"
    3)  ## RIPE-MD/160 -- NOT SUPPORTED ##
        eggog_unsupported_hash "RIPE-MD/160"
    8)  ## SHA256 ##
        achtung "This sig was made with SHA-256; GPG supports SHA-512."
        achtung "Please contact the signer ($pubkey_owner) !"
        HASHER="shasum -a 256 -b"
    9)  ## SHA384 ##
        achtung "This sig was made with SHA-384; GPG supports SHA-512."
        achtung "Please contact the signer ($pubkey_owner) !"
        HASHER="shasum -a 384 -b"
    10) ## SHA512 ##
        HASHER="shasum -a 512 -b"
        MD_LEN=64 # 512 / 8 == 64 bytes
    11) ## SHA224 ##
        achtung "This sig was made with SHA-224; GPG supports SHA-512."
        achtung "Please contact the signer ($pubkey_owner) !"
        HASHER="shasum -a 224 -b"
    *)  ## Unknown Digest Type ##
        eggog_unsupported_hash "UNKNOWN (type $sig_digest_algo)"
# Calculate length (bytes) of the ASN turd for the digest used in the sig:
ASN_LEN=$((${#ASN} / 2))

To test, for instance, verification of SHA-1 signatures (please stop using SHA-1, people! see e.g. here), download this Litmus-converted GPG public key of former contributor Diana Coman, and verify her signature of Chapter 1:

./litmus.sh diana_coman.peh ffa_ch1_genesis.kv.vpatch.diana_coman.sig ffa_ch1_genesis.kv.vpatch

... which will yield the output:

WARNING: This sig was made with SHA-1, which is cheaply breakable!
WARNING: Please contact the signer (Diana Coman <office@dianacoman.com>) !
VALID GPG RSA signature from Diana Coman <office@dianacoman.com>

~To be continued!~

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    • Stanislav says:

      Dear shinohai,

      The first link seems to broken?


      • shinohai says:

        Anywho, sig for chapter 20b:

        -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

        -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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